Sagittarius Full Moon 2017

Tonight the full moon is in Sagittarius at 100% its highest point in its cycle! This full moon phase is all about your freedom to either care or to not care, to have a great release of heavy thoughts and energy that may be holding you back, or to have a release of the fear of letting yourself properly process recent events in your life. 

Sagittarius energy is wise, very vibrant and expansive. This full moon will bring focus to our thoughts and deeper feelings, bringing them to the surface for us, acting as a magnifying glass in a way. Focusing our attention within ourselves can bring expansion about. It is time to meditate on your heart’s pathways. 

The full moon is quite intense this time around due to the presence of Saturn. Saturn is one of the planets with the strongest energies, making sure we have done research of our own minds and bodies and to understand the kismet lessons we have been destined to learn. 

The moon in Saturn will be a duo full of love and support to push us in the right direction towards a higher path for ourselves spiritually. In getting us to realize our inner workings and release of emotional and mental build up, we will flourish. 

It will be a great shift in our lives to get a little step ahead with where we are supposed to be. With being in the middle of 2017, time will seem to move a bit faster to get us going on this new chapter in our lives. 

This full moon also falls between two super moons, so this could mean there will be endings in your life that may occur. Full moons signify new beginnings and fresh starts, so this moon will help you move forward. It is a great time to focus on completion. 

Welcome the support from Saturn and feel the optimistic energy from tonight’s Sagittarius full moon. It will be a potent one, but a gentle energy to guide us the next few weeks so we can rid of the past and welcome new adventures and opportunities within ourselves and the lives we live. 

Blessed be! 



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