Moon in Cancer 

Merry meet! 

The moon phase is waxing crescent in cancer tonight. Usually, this means that individuals will be more sensitive and their emotional and physical well being will be of full importance to them. 

This moon phase is an important time to get in to touch with your feelings and become aware of other’s feelings as well, push yourself to be more intuitive. Remind yourself of the value of your relationships, find the familiarity of your home, social life, friendships, etc. 

So how can you use this moon phase to your advantage? 

Let your creativity shine! If you’ve been yearning to create, do so now! Those energies are boiling inside of you and ready to flourish into something beautiful at your fingertips. Really bring emphasis to your talents and practice them during this moon phase. 

Even such things as gardening, writing a paper for school, studying for finals, painting, anything to create and bring new energy to the earth. 

Spell work during this time could be anywhere from a simple cleansing of your environment to self love and grounding rituals. Anything that will bring you back down to earth in both your body and mind. Being connected to what’s going on around you and within yourself will bring a lot of clarity to your life during this moon phase. 

You may be feeling a little moody or extra sensitive, or even act a little unpredictable in reaction to insecurity of self and loss of control in your life. You may even feel that nobody will understand those feelings and that you don’t want to face the issue directly with somebody. This is why a grounding ritual can be very important in a phase such as cancer in moon! Clear your headspace and get a hold of your emotions. 

You can also write down all that is bothering you and burn it up in the flame of a red candle. Feel the negative energy burning up and floating away in the smoke. The strong energy of the color red bringing vibrancy and strength back into your life and under your control, helping you overcome these emotional times. 
The moon in cancer is nothing to be wary of! Being emotional and sensitive is a beautiful thing and a really important way to be in tune with your mind and overall self. Use the warm energy of cancer to bring clarity, love and strength back to yourself. 
Blessed be!



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