The Pink Moon

The idea of the pink moon stems from blooming April flowers. The pink moon is the full moon of spring! This year, the pink moon will be in its full phase April 11th.

What does that mean for witchcraft?


Now that spring is in full effect and the pink moon is coming around, this is prime time to involve plants in your spell work, start building a garden (or tend to the one you already have), cleanse your magickal herbs!

The beginning of spring is also a great time for spells that will bring fourth growth and new beginnings, potential, and self healing.

Some stones you can carry around with you, or use in your craft, that can help with personal growth:


  • Turquoise: helps you heal
  • Bloodstone: gives you energy
  • Smoky Quartz: helps you let go
  •  Rose Quartz: cultivates love
  • Carnelian: good for creativity
  • Quartz: great for clearing the mind
  • Celestite: Relieves stress
  • Citrine: Helps you live in the “now”
  • Aventurine: attracts new opportunities
  • Shungite: all around protection stone

Here are some herbs you can use in mojo bags, or in your craft, for personal growth and healing:


  • Acorns: for spiritual growth, prosperity, and good luck
  • Amber: for happiness, friendship, reassurance, and self love
  • Blackberries: for healing and prosperity
  • Birch: for cleansing, purification, removes negative energy
  • Catnip: for courage and love
  • Cayenne: for healing of emotional heartache
  • Eucalyptus: for healing, protection, cleansing and purification
  • Fennel: for healing, passion, courage, and strength
  • Ginger: for healing and luck
  • Lilac: for aid in past life regression, protection, love and luck



I am constantly making moon water for different intents depending on the moon phases. The pink moon would be an amazing time to make some moon water to use in spell work for growth, potential and self love. Add some pink moon water into spell jars to keep on your altar, drink pink moon water in the AM when you need a little help with taking charge of the day, add some pink moon water to your bath water to up your self confidence! There’s so many things you can do with pink moon water that can benefit your daily life.

The pink moon comes once a year, so take advantage of its powerful, warm and loving energy while you can!

Blessed be!

~ June


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