“Pepper Up” Potion Tea

Merry meet, witchlings!

I found this recipe from tumblr user: orriculum

This is a tea that is great to drink when one has a common cold, or when you just need some warming up. I’d  like to include the magickal purposes of each ingredient and a fun way you can make it more unique to fit your needs.


  1. Brew a cup of ginger or plain black tea: ginger is energetic and full of power to contribute to any magickal activity. It is also great for settling a queasy stomach. Black tea is associated with strength and stability. It is also a tea of endings, so it is perfect to have in a potion to help get rid of sickness. (I used vanilla black tea because it is what I had, vanilla has lots of magickal properties that will help knock out common colds as well, so really whatever you have in your pantry will be ok!)
  2. Mix in honey (or a vegan substitution): honey is used for health and healing and purification. Agave nectar is a great substitution for honey for vegan witches, or people who want to help save the bees (PLEASE). Agave nectar used in this tea will create synergy and help kick the cold to the curb.
  3. Add a couple pinches of cayenne pepper: Great for strength, courage, motivation and healing. Adding cayenne pepper speeds up the effects of any mixture it is added to. So, it is a great quick fix to the common cold.
  4. Add a slice of lemon: lemon purifies and cleanses, and of course is included in most every cold remedy.

That’s all there is to it to create this potion for the common cold! If you’d like to make it more unique, use color coordinated mugs! For example:

  • Yellow Mug: when you’re in need of a pick me up and to bring positive thoughts!
  • Red Mug: For passion, strength, endurance. (This one might be the perfect one to hold your pepper up potion in.)
  • Blue Mug: When you’re in need of some relaxation
  • Green Mug: To bring wealth, success, help with a job search, and bring luck to a job interview!

the possibilities are endless, and those are only a few examples of color coordination that you can try out.

I hope this charmed potion helps ease your common cold, or at the very least, relaxes you. Remember, in order for potions and charms to work, you must believe in their magickal workings!

Blessed be,




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