Dark Moon Magick

The dark moon is easily one of the strongest moon phases in terms of energy and presence. I wanted to put together some ideas of easy and practical ways that you can use the energy of the dark moon to your advantage for magickal practice. 

  • DARK MOON WATER: this water is definitely different from traditional moon water and won’t be for the use of everybody. Most wiccans who practice magick will not find this ideal. Dark moon water is water cleansed and charged under the dark moon for use in dark spells. Dark spells include anything from hexes to curses to binding somebody. Dark moon water will shine a tight focus on the justice you seek. 
  • SLEEP: sleep in, take a nap, or go to bed early. The dark moon phase is a great time to let your body rest and recharge itself. 
  • MEDITATE: focus on stilling and grounding your mind and self during this phase. 
  • PLAN: think of goals you have for yourself, magical or not, think ahead to the future and about where you want to be. 
  • RITUAL: you can light a white candle at sunset as a reminder that the moon is always with us, even when we can’t see her. You can light a black candle and sit in the middle of a room and focus on the flame. Run any negative or lingering dull energy from your arms to your fingertips and into the flame of the candle and watch those bad energies burn up. The dark moon is a time for cleansing and banishment, use this to your advantage. 

The dark moon is a very special and unique moon phase. Really try to make the most of this phase in your practice, it can really benefit you and your magickal doings. 

Blessed Be!

– june 


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