Charmed Bath Salts

Merry Meet!

I’ve crafted up some bath salts because, personally, I can never have enough bath products. Bath salts are super easy to make, have an outstandingly long shelf life, make really great gifts for loved ones, and can be so versatile with the different scents and intents.

I crafted this particular batch for self rejuvenation of the mind and body, and overall relaxation. This is great for general pick me ups from time to time! It really helped me feel so refreshed and grounded.

Below are the measurements that I chose to use for this batch, but you can fix them to make as much or as little as you desire!


  • 1 CUP OF COURSE SEA SALT: sea salt is mostly used for protection, purification and healing. (Epsom salt is another more popular option, I just like the idea that the sea salt is derived from the ocean so you can tie in the water element to your bath salts! Kind of a fun idea. Even table salt can be used though, so whatever you have in your kitchen is okay! Charmed crafts have no limits or right or wrong ways of making them!).
  • 1/4 CUP OF BAKING SODA: I used some baking soda just to soften up the sea salt so it isn’t so rough against the skin.
  • DROP OF ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL: oranges give life to dull energy, eases obsessive thoughts, turns us back to what is important, very grounding.
  • DROP OF TANGERINE ESSENTIAL OIL: grounds and protects the individual using it
  • DROP OF CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL: works as an anti-depressant, cleanses and invigorates negative and dull energy. Brings peace, tranquility, and purification
  • DROP OF PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: happiness, cleanses, release and renewal, protection and prosperity.
  • COUPLE DROPS OF FOOD COLORING OF YOUR CHOICE: I did two drops of red food coloring (it came out more of a pale pink, so I should have probably added more). I used red for power and strength, but use whatever corresponding color you need for the intent of your choice.



Mix up all of the ingredients counter clockwise and either blow air into the mixture while mixing, or speak in to it…explaining that you need a little pick me up, inspiration, relaxation, cleansing of the mind and body, whatever it is that you desire at the time..and you have yourself charmed bath salts, my friend!

Blessed be, witchlings!



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  1. Aha! These are yours! I saw the link on GrannyMoon’s. I love making up my own bath salts too. Nice mix of essential oils. I have followed you and look forward to more 🙂


    1. secularloner says:

      yes they are! thank you so much :-))

      Liked by 1 person

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