Self Love Facial Scrub

Merry Meet, witchlings!


Both my skin and I have been needing a little extra love lately, so I decided to craft together a self love facial scrub. Venus is currently in retrograde so I thought it would be the perfect time to craft this.~~Most people usually already have all of the ingredients needed to put this together in their kitchen, if not..they are easily accessible and affordable.  Use this self care remedy once or twice a week or whenever you need a little pick me up.

Below is the step by step on how to craft your own facial scrub! You can use all sorts of different ingredients for different intents. It is so fun to experiment and try different remedies. ENJOY!~~

rosefacescrub 2

SEA SALT: I used a little under a quarter cup of coarse sea salt and ground it up a little with a spoon to soften it, but still left it coarse enough to gently exfoliate my skin.

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: sea salt protects and neutralizes. Sometimes we need a little grounding in ourselves to have a clear mind to be able to remember our greatness. Having a little protection of the heart is always a plus too.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: sea salt is an excellent exfoliator, it increases circulation which can lead to detoxification of the skin and balancing of pH levels!

rose facescrub3

BROWN SUGAR:  i added a few tea spoons of brown sugar to the mix. You can use either white or brown sugar, I just had brown sugar on hand. It will also help soften up the salt, and also will add to the exfoliation properties of the scrub.

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: sweetens up any kind of bad or lingering energy, adds a little “pizzazz”. This is perfect for any type of spell, craft, or charm involving love.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: exfoliates, draws moisture to the skin, contains anti-aging properties, heals sun damage, and also increases circulation, (gotta balance those pH levels to have even skin tone!).

rose facescrub 4

(I forgot to document the next couple steps individually so bare with me!)

OLIVE OIL: I kinda eyeballed it and added as much olive oil until i felt it was enough. You don’t want to put so much that it gets soupy, but just enough for the salt and sugar to soak it up so it adds a little movement to the overall scrub. (it won’t feel good rubbing plain salt and sugar around on your face!)

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: all purpose “holy” oil, a natural cleanser to get rid of any negative thoughts, feelings and energy within yourself.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, restores smoothness, protects against ultraviolet light!

VANILLA EXTRACT: I added just a drop or two, nothing more, of vanilla extract to the mix as well. The planetary association of vanilla is actually venus, so it is perfect for any love potion for yourself. (i do not condone love spells towards other people.)

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: calming, consoling, soothing, promotes a happy and healthy environment.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: antibacterial properties that  helps fight acne, cleanses skin, anti-aging, soothes the skin, full of vitamins for healthy looking skin, prevents damage caused from environmental pollutants and toxins.

ROSE PETALS: make sure to rinse them if store bought to rid them of any chemicals! when dried, or used fresh, they provide a subtle aroma. They are naturally the flowers of love so it only makes sense to include them in a self love charm!

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: love and beauty

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: helps treat redness, soothes and calms, anti-inflammation.

~HONEY IS OPTIONAL, but we really need to save the bees so try to snag other substitutions for it! There are tons of other options with just as amazing magickal properties, that are also great for the skin, that can be used instead!~

rose facescrub 5

I finally mixed it all together and the above picture is how it came out! I put it in an old night cream container, so try to find something with a lid so moisture cannot get in, and so it doesn’t get dried out, when sitting on the shelf.


To finish it off, I drew a self love sigil on the inside the lid of the jar to constantly be charging the facial scrub with intent. 

When I am not using it, i will also place pink opal, rose quartz, and clear quartz on top of the lid to keep it cleansed and full of loving and positive energy. 

I really love this facial scrub, it is gentle on my sensitive skin, and makes my skin feel very smooth, hydrated and plump after I use it! Make sure to keep it charged with intent, that is the important part. While you are using it, remind yourself of how beautiful you are, how much you have to offer, how important you are to this world and those around you, focus on your  capabilities and all of the other many and amazing attributes you have that make you unique! xo

Blessed be, witchlings!

~ June


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