Happy Spring Equinox!

Merry meet!

We have officially entered the spring equinox, my favorite time of year. We say good riddance to whatever stagnant energy is left over from the winter solstice, and in my case the heavy winter blues i acquired, and hello to a new, fresh quarter of the year. This day marks the first official moments of spring, a rebirth from the cold winter months.

It is quite an exciting time and there are an abundance of ways you can celebrate the spring solstice/Ostara. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out a plan for celebration, but the good thing is that there is no right or wrong way to celebrate! Even if you just put out some positive energy and thoughts, or simply take a purification bath and bring those cleansed energies into your space, or light a couple candles..you are doing just fine.

Listed below are some activities that I have planned for the day and other fun ideas. What’s important is that you make them your own and have fun with it.

  • CLEANSING: Cleansing is an easy one that anyone can achieve in a multitude of ways. I created a cleansing water to use in my apartment, this is a really great substitute for incense and candles if you are not able to burn those in your home. It is made up of moon water, rose water, rose petals, black salt, and my favorite essential oil scents. I decided to choose scents that remind me of fresh and bright spring days, so it’ll give me a boost on getting rid of left over winter energy. I’ve used that all over my apartment including in windows and doorways. Simple and effective!
  •           Cleanse you crystals and herbs! I chose to do a morning cleanse for my crystals. I laid them out in sunshine and let them soak up some rays and the fresh air of spring. You can also cleanse them under the moon, I will be charging mine under the moon tonight. The moon is in Capricorn, an earth sign, representing achieving, abundance, and resilience. Take advantage of the moon’s extra energy tonight and charge up those babies!


  • DE-CLUTTERING: Do some “spring cleaning” during this day. Organize your space, clean up spaces that you may feel stale or stuffed up energy in. Having your personal spots free of mess is an amazing way to ground yourself and your mind. It is a physical way to get rid of negative energy that may be floating around in the winter clutter. I chose to be a little extra and cleaned up my entire apartment, car, did laundry, and even gave my dog a bath LOL. I really took advantage of the “spring cleaning” idea. Whatever feels good and right to you, go ahead and do it. Whether you need a minimal cleaning, or an all out clean up, it will be an excellent way to represent the coming of spring.
  • CREATING: This can be anywhere from doodling, to planting a seed, to creating a sigil, baking cookies (which is the route I took), or making a fresh batch of moon water.Bring something new to the earth, just like spring is doing for us.
  • PREPARE AN OFFERING: Give back to the earth, your chosen deity, etc. They have been working a lot to provide smooth transitions into new quarters for us to celebrate in. I chose to simply leave rose petals in the ground of, and surrounding, my favorite tree right near my apartment. You can create offering stones to leave out in your garden, leave out perfume in a bowl, or even just light a candle and meditate your thoughts towards them.


  •  GROUNDING:  This is another easy and fun one. I took my dog out to a field of grass and just laid myself in it and really spent some time meditating and feeling the grass and earth beneath me and appreciating it for all that it does for me and for everybody else. I breathed in the new spring air and really held it in my lungs to get rid of old winter air that may have been lurking. There are so many different ways you can ground yourself and meditate.

These are just a few ways that I went about celebrating the arrival of the spring equinox! Really focus on the new energy in the air and meditate on positive changes you’d like to see for the future and for yourself, and just have fun. :o)


Happy Spring Equinox everybody!



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