Sagittarius Full Moon 2017

Tonight the full moon is in Sagittarius at 100% its highest point in its cycle! This full moon phase is all about your freedom to either care or to not care, to have a great release of heavy thoughts and energy that may be holding you back, or to have a release of the fear of letting yourself properly process recent events in your life. 

Sagittarius energy is wise, very vibrant and expansive. This full moon will bring focus to our thoughts and deeper feelings, bringing them to the surface for us, acting as a magnifying glass in a way. Focusing our attention within ourselves can bring expansion about. It is time to meditate on your heart’s pathways. 

The full moon is quite intense this time around due to the presence of Saturn. Saturn is one of the planets with the strongest energies, making sure we have done research of our own minds and bodies and to understand the kismet lessons we have been destined to learn. 

The moon in Saturn will be a duo full of love and support to push us in the right direction towards a higher path for ourselves spiritually. In getting us to realize our inner workings and release of emotional and mental build up, we will flourish. 

It will be a great shift in our lives to get a little step ahead with where we are supposed to be. With being in the middle of 2017, time will seem to move a bit faster to get us going on this new chapter in our lives. 

This full moon also falls between two super moons, so this could mean there will be endings in your life that may occur. Full moons signify new beginnings and fresh starts, so this moon will help you move forward. It is a great time to focus on completion. 

Welcome the support from Saturn and feel the optimistic energy from tonight’s Sagittarius full moon. It will be a potent one, but a gentle energy to guide us the next few weeks so we can rid of the past and welcome new adventures and opportunities within ourselves and the lives we live. 

Blessed be! 



Altar Set Up For Beginners

One of the *most* frequently asked questions i got from witch neophytes is: 

“What do I need for my altar?”.

Let me begin by saying it isn’t what you really “need” for your personal altar but what you want to see on your altar, what you want your altar to represent, whether it will be an altar dedicated to a personal deity or an altar set up for just your craft. Those are the questions you should start asking yourself first as you start building it up. 

My altar is very personal to me. I have color coordinated candles to represent the elements that aid me in my craft, i have little knick knacks from other witchy friends, photos of old and new pets, pentacles, figurines, bones, my book of shadows and preferred stones of choice based on the intentions that i need from them during that time. 

Over time, i’ve found things at the beach or on hikes that have really stood out to me and that i was very drawn to, so i would take them with me for my altar as well. It definitely adds a personal touch. 

Now, if you are still set on having a more “traditional” altar, here are some of the altar essentials you can start collecting as you build it: 

Start by gathering items that represent the four elements, whether it be color coordinated candles or items you find from exploring. Some examples could be: 

  • Earth: green candle, stones/rocks, dried herbs and flowers, soil, photos of nature, plants. 
  • Air: yellow candle, incense, feathers, representation of clouds, pictures (or bones of, if you find them) of birds. 
  • Fire: red candle, lighter, ashes from something you’ve burnt, piece of warm fabric.
  • Water: blue candle, jar of water from a special place for you (ocean, lake, creek water, etc.) sand, a mirror, seaweed, pearls, seashells, sea glass. 

Some other basic altar supplies to collect: 

  • Table cloth/Altar fabric: something to drape over your altar. color code it to an intent you will always want your altar to carry (yellow for happiness, purple for creativity, red for strength, etc.) 
  • Athame: a tool used for casting a circle before spell work. 
  • Bell: a bell is like the voice of the goddess. ring it before ritual/spell work. your gods and goddesses would love to hear the pretty sound. it can act as a welcoming to them, inviting them into your safe space to ask of their protection while you craft. 
  • Book of shadows: I think it is really important to keep your book of shadows on, or at least near, your altar. It keeps energy flowing through it at all times. Plus, it’s handy having your book of shadows right there in case you need quick reference when working on craft.
  • Candles: candles can be used to represent the elements, a deity of choice, or used for specific intent in spell work and your craft. Stock up on candles and do research for what each color of candle means for you and your spell work. 
  • Cauldron: a cauldron represents knowledge and inspiration and brings feminine energy to your altar. A cauldron can be used to grind up and mix herbs in, to burn herbs or incense, or to be used in spell/ritual work that involves you burning anything. it’s a very handy, fire safe tool to have. 

In my opinion, those are the main essentials. You can add things like salt, smudge sticks, stones, wands, pentacles, etc. 

It is up to you to make your own personal working space for your craft. It is really exciting building up your altar over time and see it grow! 

Remember to periodically cleanse your altar when you feel it has stagnant energy to it. It is a place that will hold lots of power, energy and meaning so it’ll be important to keep it cleansed and clear. 
Blessed be! 


Moon in Cancer 

Merry meet! 

The moon phase is waxing crescent in cancer tonight. Usually, this means that individuals will be more sensitive and their emotional and physical well being will be of full importance to them. 

This moon phase is an important time to get in to touch with your feelings and become aware of other’s feelings as well, push yourself to be more intuitive. Remind yourself of the value of your relationships, find the familiarity of your home, social life, friendships, etc. 

So how can you use this moon phase to your advantage? 

Let your creativity shine! If you’ve been yearning to create, do so now! Those energies are boiling inside of you and ready to flourish into something beautiful at your fingertips. Really bring emphasis to your talents and practice them during this moon phase. 

Even such things as gardening, writing a paper for school, studying for finals, painting, anything to create and bring new energy to the earth. 

Spell work during this time could be anywhere from a simple cleansing of your environment to self love and grounding rituals. Anything that will bring you back down to earth in both your body and mind. Being connected to what’s going on around you and within yourself will bring a lot of clarity to your life during this moon phase. 

You may be feeling a little moody or extra sensitive, or even act a little unpredictable in reaction to insecurity of self and loss of control in your life. You may even feel that nobody will understand those feelings and that you don’t want to face the issue directly with somebody. This is why a grounding ritual can be very important in a phase such as cancer in moon! Clear your headspace and get a hold of your emotions. 

You can also write down all that is bothering you and burn it up in the flame of a red candle. Feel the negative energy burning up and floating away in the smoke. The strong energy of the color red bringing vibrancy and strength back into your life and under your control, helping you overcome these emotional times. 
The moon in cancer is nothing to be wary of! Being emotional and sensitive is a beautiful thing and a really important way to be in tune with your mind and overall self. Use the warm energy of cancer to bring clarity, love and strength back to yourself. 
Blessed be!


The Pink Moon

The idea of the pink moon stems from blooming April flowers. The pink moon is the full moon of spring! This year, the pink moon will be in its full phase April 11th.

What does that mean for witchcraft?


Now that spring is in full effect and the pink moon is coming around, this is prime time to involve plants in your spell work, start building a garden (or tend to the one you already have), cleanse your magickal herbs!

The beginning of spring is also a great time for spells that will bring fourth growth and new beginnings, potential, and self healing.

Some stones you can carry around with you, or use in your craft, that can help with personal growth:


  • Turquoise: helps you heal
  • Bloodstone: gives you energy
  • Smoky Quartz: helps you let go
  •  Rose Quartz: cultivates love
  • Carnelian: good for creativity
  • Quartz: great for clearing the mind
  • Celestite: Relieves stress
  • Citrine: Helps you live in the “now”
  • Aventurine: attracts new opportunities
  • Shungite: all around protection stone

Here are some herbs you can use in mojo bags, or in your craft, for personal growth and healing:


  • Acorns: for spiritual growth, prosperity, and good luck
  • Amber: for happiness, friendship, reassurance, and self love
  • Blackberries: for healing and prosperity
  • Birch: for cleansing, purification, removes negative energy
  • Catnip: for courage and love
  • Cayenne: for healing of emotional heartache
  • Eucalyptus: for healing, protection, cleansing and purification
  • Fennel: for healing, passion, courage, and strength
  • Ginger: for healing and luck
  • Lilac: for aid in past life regression, protection, love and luck



I am constantly making moon water for different intents depending on the moon phases. The pink moon would be an amazing time to make some moon water to use in spell work for growth, potential and self love. Add some pink moon water into spell jars to keep on your altar, drink pink moon water in the AM when you need a little help with taking charge of the day, add some pink moon water to your bath water to up your self confidence! There’s so many things you can do with pink moon water that can benefit your daily life.

The pink moon comes once a year, so take advantage of its powerful, warm and loving energy while you can!

Blessed be!

~ June

“Pepper Up” Potion Tea

Merry meet, witchlings!

I found this recipe from tumblr user: orriculum

This is a tea that is great to drink when one has a common cold, or when you just need some warming up. I’d  like to include the magickal purposes of each ingredient and a fun way you can make it more unique to fit your needs.


  1. Brew a cup of ginger or plain black tea: ginger is energetic and full of power to contribute to any magickal activity. It is also great for settling a queasy stomach. Black tea is associated with strength and stability. It is also a tea of endings, so it is perfect to have in a potion to help get rid of sickness. (I used vanilla black tea because it is what I had, vanilla has lots of magickal properties that will help knock out common colds as well, so really whatever you have in your pantry will be ok!)
  2. Mix in honey (or a vegan substitution): honey is used for health and healing and purification. Agave nectar is a great substitution for honey for vegan witches, or people who want to help save the bees (PLEASE). Agave nectar used in this tea will create synergy and help kick the cold to the curb.
  3. Add a couple pinches of cayenne pepper: Great for strength, courage, motivation and healing. Adding cayenne pepper speeds up the effects of any mixture it is added to. So, it is a great quick fix to the common cold.
  4. Add a slice of lemon: lemon purifies and cleanses, and of course is included in most every cold remedy.

That’s all there is to it to create this potion for the common cold! If you’d like to make it more unique, use color coordinated mugs! For example:

  • Yellow Mug: when you’re in need of a pick me up and to bring positive thoughts!
  • Red Mug: For passion, strength, endurance. (This one might be the perfect one to hold your pepper up potion in.)
  • Blue Mug: When you’re in need of some relaxation
  • Green Mug: To bring wealth, success, help with a job search, and bring luck to a job interview!

the possibilities are endless, and those are only a few examples of color coordination that you can try out.

I hope this charmed potion helps ease your common cold, or at the very least, relaxes you. Remember, in order for potions and charms to work, you must believe in their magickal workings!

Blessed be,



Dark Moon Magick

The dark moon is easily one of the strongest moon phases in terms of energy and presence. I wanted to put together some ideas of easy and practical ways that you can use the energy of the dark moon to your advantage for magickal practice. 

  • DARK MOON WATER: this water is definitely different from traditional moon water and won’t be for the use of everybody. Most wiccans who practice magick will not find this ideal. Dark moon water is water cleansed and charged under the dark moon for use in dark spells. Dark spells include anything from hexes to curses to binding somebody. Dark moon water will shine a tight focus on the justice you seek. 
  • SLEEP: sleep in, take a nap, or go to bed early. The dark moon phase is a great time to let your body rest and recharge itself. 
  • MEDITATE: focus on stilling and grounding your mind and self during this phase. 
  • PLAN: think of goals you have for yourself, magical or not, think ahead to the future and about where you want to be. 
  • RITUAL: you can light a white candle at sunset as a reminder that the moon is always with us, even when we can’t see her. You can light a black candle and sit in the middle of a room and focus on the flame. Run any negative or lingering dull energy from your arms to your fingertips and into the flame of the candle and watch those bad energies burn up. The dark moon is a time for cleansing and banishment, use this to your advantage. 

The dark moon is a very special and unique moon phase. Really try to make the most of this phase in your practice, it can really benefit you and your magickal doings. 

Blessed Be!

– june 

Charmed Bath Salts

Merry Meet!

I’ve crafted up some bath salts because, personally, I can never have enough bath products. Bath salts are super easy to make, have an outstandingly long shelf life, make really great gifts for loved ones, and can be so versatile with the different scents and intents.

I crafted this particular batch for self rejuvenation of the mind and body, and overall relaxation. This is great for general pick me ups from time to time! It really helped me feel so refreshed and grounded.

Below are the measurements that I chose to use for this batch, but you can fix them to make as much or as little as you desire!


  • 1 CUP OF COURSE SEA SALT: sea salt is mostly used for protection, purification and healing. (Epsom salt is another more popular option, I just like the idea that the sea salt is derived from the ocean so you can tie in the water element to your bath salts! Kind of a fun idea. Even table salt can be used though, so whatever you have in your kitchen is okay! Charmed crafts have no limits or right or wrong ways of making them!).
  • 1/4 CUP OF BAKING SODA: I used some baking soda just to soften up the sea salt so it isn’t so rough against the skin.
  • DROP OF ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL: oranges give life to dull energy, eases obsessive thoughts, turns us back to what is important, very grounding.
  • DROP OF TANGERINE ESSENTIAL OIL: grounds and protects the individual using it
  • DROP OF CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL: works as an anti-depressant, cleanses and invigorates negative and dull energy. Brings peace, tranquility, and purification
  • DROP OF PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: happiness, cleanses, release and renewal, protection and prosperity.
  • COUPLE DROPS OF FOOD COLORING OF YOUR CHOICE: I did two drops of red food coloring (it came out more of a pale pink, so I should have probably added more). I used red for power and strength, but use whatever corresponding color you need for the intent of your choice.



Mix up all of the ingredients counter clockwise and either blow air into the mixture while mixing, or speak in to it…explaining that you need a little pick me up, inspiration, relaxation, cleansing of the mind and body, whatever it is that you desire at the time..and you have yourself charmed bath salts, my friend!

Blessed be, witchlings!


Self Love Facial Scrub

Merry Meet, witchlings!


Both my skin and I have been needing a little extra love lately, so I decided to craft together a self love facial scrub. Venus is currently in retrograde so I thought it would be the perfect time to craft this.~~Most people usually already have all of the ingredients needed to put this together in their kitchen, if not..they are easily accessible and affordable.  Use this self care remedy once or twice a week or whenever you need a little pick me up.

Below is the step by step on how to craft your own facial scrub! You can use all sorts of different ingredients for different intents. It is so fun to experiment and try different remedies. ENJOY!~~

rosefacescrub 2

SEA SALT: I used a little under a quarter cup of coarse sea salt and ground it up a little with a spoon to soften it, but still left it coarse enough to gently exfoliate my skin.

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: sea salt protects and neutralizes. Sometimes we need a little grounding in ourselves to have a clear mind to be able to remember our greatness. Having a little protection of the heart is always a plus too.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: sea salt is an excellent exfoliator, it increases circulation which can lead to detoxification of the skin and balancing of pH levels!

rose facescrub3

BROWN SUGAR:  i added a few tea spoons of brown sugar to the mix. You can use either white or brown sugar, I just had brown sugar on hand. It will also help soften up the salt, and also will add to the exfoliation properties of the scrub.

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: sweetens up any kind of bad or lingering energy, adds a little “pizzazz”. This is perfect for any type of spell, craft, or charm involving love.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: exfoliates, draws moisture to the skin, contains anti-aging properties, heals sun damage, and also increases circulation, (gotta balance those pH levels to have even skin tone!).

rose facescrub 4

(I forgot to document the next couple steps individually so bare with me!)

OLIVE OIL: I kinda eyeballed it and added as much olive oil until i felt it was enough. You don’t want to put so much that it gets soupy, but just enough for the salt and sugar to soak it up so it adds a little movement to the overall scrub. (it won’t feel good rubbing plain salt and sugar around on your face!)

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: all purpose “holy” oil, a natural cleanser to get rid of any negative thoughts, feelings and energy within yourself.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, restores smoothness, protects against ultraviolet light!

VANILLA EXTRACT: I added just a drop or two, nothing more, of vanilla extract to the mix as well. The planetary association of vanilla is actually venus, so it is perfect for any love potion for yourself. (i do not condone love spells towards other people.)

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: calming, consoling, soothing, promotes a happy and healthy environment.

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: antibacterial properties that  helps fight acne, cleanses skin, anti-aging, soothes the skin, full of vitamins for healthy looking skin, prevents damage caused from environmental pollutants and toxins.

ROSE PETALS: make sure to rinse them if store bought to rid them of any chemicals! when dried, or used fresh, they provide a subtle aroma. They are naturally the flowers of love so it only makes sense to include them in a self love charm!

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: love and beauty

SKIN CARE PROPERTIES: helps treat redness, soothes and calms, anti-inflammation.

~HONEY IS OPTIONAL, but we really need to save the bees so try to snag other substitutions for it! There are tons of other options with just as amazing magickal properties, that are also great for the skin, that can be used instead!~

rose facescrub 5

I finally mixed it all together and the above picture is how it came out! I put it in an old night cream container, so try to find something with a lid so moisture cannot get in, and so it doesn’t get dried out, when sitting on the shelf.


To finish it off, I drew a self love sigil on the inside the lid of the jar to constantly be charging the facial scrub with intent. 

When I am not using it, i will also place pink opal, rose quartz, and clear quartz on top of the lid to keep it cleansed and full of loving and positive energy. 

I really love this facial scrub, it is gentle on my sensitive skin, and makes my skin feel very smooth, hydrated and plump after I use it! Make sure to keep it charged with intent, that is the important part. While you are using it, remind yourself of how beautiful you are, how much you have to offer, how important you are to this world and those around you, focus on your  capabilities and all of the other many and amazing attributes you have that make you unique! xo

Blessed be, witchlings!

~ June

Happy Spring Equinox!

Merry meet!

We have officially entered the spring equinox, my favorite time of year. We say good riddance to whatever stagnant energy is left over from the winter solstice, and in my case the heavy winter blues i acquired, and hello to a new, fresh quarter of the year. This day marks the first official moments of spring, a rebirth from the cold winter months.

It is quite an exciting time and there are an abundance of ways you can celebrate the spring solstice/Ostara. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out a plan for celebration, but the good thing is that there is no right or wrong way to celebrate! Even if you just put out some positive energy and thoughts, or simply take a purification bath and bring those cleansed energies into your space, or light a couple are doing just fine.

Listed below are some activities that I have planned for the day and other fun ideas. What’s important is that you make them your own and have fun with it.

  • CLEANSING: Cleansing is an easy one that anyone can achieve in a multitude of ways. I created a cleansing water to use in my apartment, this is a really great substitute for incense and candles if you are not able to burn those in your home. It is made up of moon water, rose water, rose petals, black salt, and my favorite essential oil scents. I decided to choose scents that remind me of fresh and bright spring days, so it’ll give me a boost on getting rid of left over winter energy. I’ve used that all over my apartment including in windows and doorways. Simple and effective!
  •           Cleanse you crystals and herbs! I chose to do a morning cleanse for my crystals. I laid them out in sunshine and let them soak up some rays and the fresh air of spring. You can also cleanse them under the moon, I will be charging mine under the moon tonight. The moon is in Capricorn, an earth sign, representing achieving, abundance, and resilience. Take advantage of the moon’s extra energy tonight and charge up those babies!


  • DE-CLUTTERING: Do some “spring cleaning” during this day. Organize your space, clean up spaces that you may feel stale or stuffed up energy in. Having your personal spots free of mess is an amazing way to ground yourself and your mind. It is a physical way to get rid of negative energy that may be floating around in the winter clutter. I chose to be a little extra and cleaned up my entire apartment, car, did laundry, and even gave my dog a bath LOL. I really took advantage of the “spring cleaning” idea. Whatever feels good and right to you, go ahead and do it. Whether you need a minimal cleaning, or an all out clean up, it will be an excellent way to represent the coming of spring.
  • CREATING: This can be anywhere from doodling, to planting a seed, to creating a sigil, baking cookies (which is the route I took), or making a fresh batch of moon water.Bring something new to the earth, just like spring is doing for us.
  • PREPARE AN OFFERING: Give back to the earth, your chosen deity, etc. They have been working a lot to provide smooth transitions into new quarters for us to celebrate in. I chose to simply leave rose petals in the ground of, and surrounding, my favorite tree right near my apartment. You can create offering stones to leave out in your garden, leave out perfume in a bowl, or even just light a candle and meditate your thoughts towards them.


  •  GROUNDING:  This is another easy and fun one. I took my dog out to a field of grass and just laid myself in it and really spent some time meditating and feeling the grass and earth beneath me and appreciating it for all that it does for me and for everybody else. I breathed in the new spring air and really held it in my lungs to get rid of old winter air that may have been lurking. There are so many different ways you can ground yourself and meditate.

These are just a few ways that I went about celebrating the arrival of the spring equinox! Really focus on the new energy in the air and meditate on positive changes you’d like to see for the future and for yourself, and just have fun. :o)


Happy Spring Equinox everybody!


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